Which Is Better: Dedicated Server Hosting Or Colocation Hosting?

When it comes to looking for a web hosting plan, there are several different options available in the market these days. Two of these options, which are quite close to each other in terms of performance and the features provided, are dedicated server hosting and colocation hosting.

Dedicate server hosting is a plan wherein all the resources of a server are assigned to a single user and it is up to the user to decide how to make use of those resources. On the other hand, in case of a colocation hosting plan the server itself is owned by the user and is configured by him or her before being sent to a colocation provider to be installed in the provider’s data center.

With both dedicated server hosting and colocation hosting you have your own dedicated server and this can be quite advantageous, especially if your website is a growing at a very rapid space and you are reluctant to share resources with other users. Using both these plans provides better performance and reliability as compared to any other hosting plan. Now let us look at the benefits provided by each plan and how these plans compare to one another.

Benefits of dedicated server hosting:

The biggest benefit of using a dedicated server plan is that you do not have to share server resources with other users. Another thing is that in case you do not know how to manage your server, you can make use of server management services provided by your host. Also, if there is some problem with the hardware of your server, it is the job of the hosting provider to resolve the problem or replace the problematic components.

Another advantage of using a dedicated server is that most hosting providers offer 24/7 phone based free customer support service to dedicated server hosting users. This ensures                that you are never without help if a problem occurs with your website.

Benefits of a colocation hosting plan:

The biggest benefit of using such a plan is that you get to configure your server in any manner you like and can very easily tweak it to perform in a manner that improves the performance of your website. Another thing is that you have complete administrative control over your server. Also, the cost of hosting is low since you need to pay only for the rack space; instead of paying for both rack space and the server lease.

Another thing is that even though you are not hosting at your own premises, you are going to have all the advantages associates with in-house hosting while making use of a colocation hosting plan.

Dedicates vs. Colocation:

Now the question comes to which plan is better than the other and it would be right to say that no plan is better than the other. Why? Because each of these plans have their own distinct advantages and the usability of each plan would only depend on the requirement of an online business. Although, a colocation hosting plan might prove to be low cost as compared to a dedicated server plan in the long run, better value for money would be decided not on the basis of the cost of the plans but on the basis of whether the plan suits to the requirements of the website that is going to be hosted on the plan. Hence, it can be said that both of these plans are good and only the needs of a website dictate which plan is better.

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