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Price: $44.00 (80GB HDD, 1GB RAM)

At only $44.00/month for their cheapest option, if you're looking for superb hosting at superb prices, this is the choice for you.

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If you have decided to start a small business, expand the reach of your current business or promote an upcoming fundraiser for a nonprofit organization, it is a wise decision to start a website. Every hour millions of people are linked to the internet, which means that your website has the chance for huge exposure to people who will buy your products, seek your services or invest in your organization. Starting a website brings with it many important decisions. One of the first is what web host to choose. Web hosts provide your website its internet “home” and acts as a liaison with the servers. Superb is a great choice for web hosting services because it provides features and options that allow you to select the services that will work best for your specific situation.


Choosing a web host should be based on the various features and specifications of the host company. Superb has many important and useful aspects to consider:

Superb offers a choice of managed hosting or dedicated servers to meet the needs of your website’s security and traffic.

Linux and Windows hosting are both supported with individual plan options.

Award-winning customer service sets Superb apart, offering a complete, national network that allows for detailed, attentive service every moment of every day.

Three state-of-the-art data centers guarantee 100% uptime for every website, which means you don’t lose time with potential customers.

Offering a full range of services including backup and monitoring, Superb is a comprehensive and powerful web hosting company that can meet all of your website needs.

A price-match guarantee assures that Superb offers the best service for the most competitive prices. If another company offers the same services for a lower price, Superb will meet it.

A 24-hour set-up guarantee ensures your site will be up and running quickly, without hassle or difficulty.


Superb offers a variety of competitive pricing based on the specifics concerns of each user. Their dedicated server options are split into 3 groups, Business, Corporate and Enterprise. The Business plan offers three options, Starter, Plus and Ultimate, that begin at as little as $44 and go up to $119, monthly. The next plan offers the same sub groupings with prices from $189 to $354 per month. The most extensive of the plans, the Enterprise, offers Professional I and Professional II options and prices from $525 to $725 per month, depending on options selected. There are also add-ons and Lease-to-own options to meet each user’s exact specifications.


For the website owner that wants assurance that his site will be well-hosted, well-protected and supported by the most attentive and knowledgeable network of help and tech workers, Superb is a top choice. Compared to other companies, Superb offers more extensive features and a wider variety of services, ensuring that a busy, particular business owner will have to only depend on Superb and be positive they will have the most professional, accessible and secure site possible. Superb ensures that when you decide to work with them, your site will be running quickly and will continue running, smoothly and professionally with only the best tech support available.

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