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Price: $37.95 (2x40GB HDD, 1GB RAM)

Base dedicated servers at ServerPronto start at $37.95 making it one of the cheapest alternatives on the market while still offering an excellent solution!

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ServerPronto is the low-cost, high quality brainchild of Infolink, a Data Center Corporation for dedicated servers. From its inception in 1999, they continue to strive to give their customers a feature-rich, top quality product with a guarantee of satisfaction in many different ways. This is what ServerPronto has to offer you and your business or individual needs.


ServerPronto is quickly cornering the low-cost market with their range of features designed to acquire and keep your business. While many others in the industry are failing and disbanding, ServerPronto and Infolink continue to thrive through their business model and high quality products. The reason they’re so successful in part is because of the great features given to their hosting customers. These are some of those wonderful benefits:

ServerPronto offers a huge array of Operating Systems that you will be familiar with that ensure your ease of use. They include Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, CentOS, Ubunto, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Windows dedicated servers. No matter what you are familiar with, they probably have the one you are looking for.

Their packages range from Starter to Extreme, providing different features based on customers’ needs.

The plans range from 1GB RAM up to a whopping 8GB RAM, so that whether you require just a little bit of speed or all of it, they can deliver

Not only is their RAM top notch, they even offer up to an amazing 20TB of storage space.

ServerPronto guarantees you access to technical support every hour of every day of the year over the phone or through online chat to help you with your concerns and questions.

Their security features include 24/7 monitoring of their systems to not only provide you with a 100% uptime guarantee, but also to keep your website secure from threats.

As if it weren’t enough, they offer you a program offering one hour hardware replacement in the unexpected event of its failure.


One of the best things that you will find out from this company is that they firmly do not believe in contracts of any kind. All of their plans are based on a month to month deal, and you can cancel at any time, so long as you give 30 days notice. No longer are you subject to paying outrageous prices because you decided to cancel early. No commitment and no worry of cancelling.

Their prices range widely like their packages. They have a full 6 different types of packages to offer you and the pricing ranges from $37.95 to $169.95. Additional Operating Systems are available, some are free and some come at a cost. An extra $40 per month gets you a firewall and the monitoring required to keep your website safe.


What’s going to set these guys apart from the rest is a few things. They are dedicated to low-cost, high quality products, they aren’t going to try and suck you into any contracts and their Operating System choices come in wide varieties. What you are looking for is bound to be here with ServerPronto, their options are fairly endless. See for yourself.

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