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Price: $109.00 (2x80GB HDD, 2GB RAM)

Along with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free install comes credits for Google AdWords ($100) and Facebook Ads ($50) too!

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Few people would argue that having a website devoted to a business or organization is a fantastic way to expand a customer base, increase sales, inform a potential audience or gain awareness for an event or fundraiser. With such a focus on technology and internet presence in today’s society, to really be successful generally means that you utilize the internet to the fullest of its potential. Part of reaching this potential is making sure that you choose the web host that is best for your particular situation and website needs. With LunarPages, you have a wide array of features and attractive incentives that make it a great choice for your website’s “home” and your support network.


Comparing web host companies can be overwhelming. There are seemingly endless considerations but some are more important than others when it comes to selecting a company that will provide you the highest quality service and most professional outcome. These are some benefits you can be sure to receive as a customer:

Sweet perks. Several free features including IP, unlimited domains and backup space take away the pressure of restrictions and high prices.

Customize to your liking. LunarPages supports many popular platforms of Linux, Windows and Parallels, giving you the option to customize your site’s server to how you like it.

Exclusivity means great hosting for you. The company in part is aimed at high-level enterprises and other advanced users that require their own dedicated servers. To enhance the performance of their sites, some excessively low-level users are not able to take advantage of their services. This means that those who are able to take advantage of their services receive fast, high-performing servers.

High-end plans for highly-trafficked websites. Mega and High-Performance plans can handle even the most extensive of websites and networks.

Managed hosting plans: sit back & relax. For those that want to focus completely on their business rather than dealing with the details of the management of their website can take advantage of managed hosting service that will provide the maintenance and upkeep your site will need to be its most successful.


Pricing for LunarPages’ services fill a wide range depending on the various options available. Plans with all of the unlimited features begin at as little as $109 per month. Linux server services range from $109 to $235 monthly while Windows ranges from $130 to $270 with many levels of options in between. Pricing for the large plans can be billed in several ways. For the month-to-month plan, the Mega selection is $625, $100 more than the 6 or 12 month option. For the most impressive High-Performance option, month-to-month cost comes in at $700. Management options begin in the “Lite” version for just $10 per month and go all the way up to the extremely detailed, high-security “Ultra” edition at $149 per month.


With over a decade of experience, LunarPages is a reliable, up-to-date and well-supported system to provide your internet needs, including web hosting and dedicated server management. Focusing on services for enterprises, LunarPages is designed to perform and can stand up to the most intensive requirements. Unlike many companies, LunarPages offers many of their basic features at no cost, proving their services are above and beyond the the core needs to reach a level of superiority and attentiveness that will appeal to the most discerning of business owners.

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