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Price: $62.99 (2x120GB HDD, 2GB RAM)

GoDaddy also has some of the best prices around. Even when taking advantage of some of their greatest packages, the pricing is still very minimal compared to some alternatives.

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When it comes to dedicated servers, GoDaddy.com has a few strides over the competition. Their many different packages and programs allow you choice and the ability to get what you actually need – nothing you don’t. What you’re probably looking for a piece of mind, security and the knowledge that you can trust in the service provider you have just chosen without all the hassle that can come with it. Here’s what GoDaddy offers you with their dedicated servers to help put your mind at ease.


GoDaddy caters to both Windows and Linux servers with a wide range of operating systems and prices that can suit your needs. Each package is unique in its own way and gives you features from their fastest level of processing to their largest online storage. These are some of the many benefits and sweet perks you’ll receive as a customer of one of their hosting plans:

The packages range from Economy, Deluxe, Premium, Value Deal, Power Player and Storage Monster, depending on the types of services that you require.

Bandwidth ranges widely from 500GB / month (Economy) to 3,000GB / month (Premium) that allow you to use and maintain the amount of data that you need to upload and run on your site

The Economy and Value Deal packages offer 2GB RAM for the modest user, while the others offer 4GB RAM, except the 64 bit options, which offer a full 8GB RAM.

Year round you are backed by 24/7 support. They maintain their servers, keeping a watchful eye over your website to ensure that any and all threats are caught before they can do any damage.

Not only do they offer security support, but they also offer 24/7 phone support for all your hosting questions, comments or concerns

All the dedicated server plans that GoDaddy offers come with these perks on top of the service you are getting: Up to $129.93 in Google Adwords Credit, $103.95 Bing / Yahoo Search Credit, $51.97 Facebook Advertising Credit, SSL Certificate, 3 dedicated IP Addresses, 10 Fotolia Credits and Bandwidth Overage Protection

Their plans offer the operating systems Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and Windows so that you have a wide array of places to start from

In addition to having both Linux and Windows plans and packages offered, they also have 64 bit plans that allow for the best possible performance and even up to 8 GB RAM. These packages give you up to 2, 64 GB solid-state drives for all your memory needs and an allowable 3,000 GB per month for bandwidth.

All of GoDaddy’s servers are protected with Tipping Point Intrusion Protection Systems. An advanced piece of software that constantly scans packages and determines whether they are malicious or perceived as a threat. The filters are updated on a regular basis to ensure that the most up-to-date protection is offered.


Prices range from #65.47 / month (Economy) up to $280.65 /month (Premium) on a 12 month contract. The longer you sign up for, the better the deal will get. 1, 6, 12 and 24 month contracts are available for the deal that you think will be best. Their 64 bit package pricing ranges from $187.09 to $392.92 / month on a 12 month commitment. Longer term commitments are available if you should require better deals


GoDaddy seems to have you covered when it comes to getting the best deal of the day. As opposed to other hosting companies, GoDaddy allows you to install almost anything on the server and run it, provided it’s not malicious, host different websites on just one account and a dedicated server that has very versatile uses like gaming, virtual hosting and high-traffic websites. Whether you are the micro-business or individual just looking for a dedicated server, GoDaddy is worth being considered before you make your selection.

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