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Price: $185.00 (1000GB HDD, 4GB RAM)

DedicatedNow offers some great features such as their 100% up-time guarantee and 50GB offsite backup.

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DedicatedNow is a multi-million dollar corporation that was founded in 1997. During their time in the hosting business, they have grown exponentially delivering quality services to businesses of all sizes, large scale corporations and to the individual.


DedicatedNow has clearly stated that their objective is to work alongside customers to understand their specific needs and deliver service accordingly. Their core features include:

You can choose from plans that offer 4, 6 and 8 GB RAM for your needs.

Two levels of service are provided: Single CPU and Dual CPU level. The single CPU allows you to utilize three different plans with dual core and quad core capabilities. The dual CPU gives you access to a minimum of 4 CPU cores and can be upgraded to 12 cores with their highest plan.

Every plan comes with a 1 x 1000 GB SATA Drive and a 10,000 GB Bandwidth limit. You get the top service level no matter which plan you choose.

With your purchase you get full management, a 100% uptime Guarantee, free 50GB offsite backup, full security lockdown, KVM over IP and redundant HSRP absolutely free of charge.

They will support a variety of systems. CentOS latest – 32 or 64, FreeBSD latest – 32 0r 64, Windows 2003 – Web/Enterprise/Standard and Windows 2008 – Enterprise/Standard.

With their security service, they include dotDefender Web Application Firewall, Managed Cisco Hardware Firewalls, Custom Security Management, Software Firewalls and COMODO SSL Certificates to set your mind at ease.

There are a number of advanced products and services such as IPMI/KVM Remote access to your server, Load Balancing/Clustering and DDoS Migration. They will work with you personally to asses your need of these services and customize them for your business or individual needs.

DedicatedNow not only offers 24/7 support from their own team of specialists, they also have a team of Cisco engineers to maintain the best possible network stability.


DedicatedNow provide you with a level of service that is catered to your needs. The dual core basic service starts at $185/month and their quad core upgradable, most powerful service level comes in at $335/month.


DedicatedNow gives you a few good reasons why they stand above and beyond the rest of the competition. For one, they are trusted by many well-known, established names like FOX Networks, State University of New York and Spirit Airlines. Not only that, but they will guarantee you 100% uptime, because you can’t afford to lose business because of your service provider. Each product they offer with their services is very customizable and able to be suited exactly to your needs. Their scalability offers advanced services that will give you that extra sense of security when things go wrong. You will be able to get just the product you need, just when you need it. There’s no filler and no piece of your service will go unused and become just another waste of money. Go and check them out for yourself and you’ll see why DedicatedNow is not just clever name.

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