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Price: $70.00 (250GB HDD, 2GB RAM)

Codero rewards their customers with a Rewards Points Program, offer customized server configurations, and best of all, no contracts.

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Having a website is a vitally important decision for the businesses and organizations of today. The technologically-obsessed society of today has little time to seek out services, products and causes without the aid of the internet. Many people only find the information they are looking for through searching the web and having a website means that you will be exposed to these people. The potential for new consumers, clients or investors grows exponentially with an internet presence so you want to make sure you have a good one. Starting a website means making decisions before the first word is even posted. One of the these is your choice of web host. A web host acts as liaison between your site and the internet, and behaves as your site’s internet “home”. A top pick for dedicated server web hosting is Codero, a company with the features and performance necessary to meet all of your business’s web needs.


Codero works with the biggest names in the industry. All with these affiliations, Codero offers many attractive features that ensure your site is the most professional, secure and effective possible.

Reliability. With 99.9% uptime, your site will have maximum exposure and efficiency.

Unlimited bandwidth. Some options allow for unlimited bandwidth and with no restrictions comes no limits besides your own creativity and effort.

Staff to answer your questions. If you do come upon a difficulty while working on your site, Codero offers you access to attentive, knowledgeable tech support every day of the year.

Eco-friendly. Green hosting speaks to the concerns of modern business owners by using environmentally responsible energy initiatives to lower the cost on the environment without sacrificing any of its performance.

Loyalty incentives. A unique rewards points program encourages the loyalty of its customers by awarding points per dollar spent with Codero. These points can be used toward upgrades and other services.

Security & backup. To ensure that you will never lose your work or any potential customers, Codero features constant monitoring, security scans and backup.


Codero offers an enormous array of options so you can be sure you are getting exactly the package that will provide what you need for your specific situation and business. These packages are divided by such features as RAM and Cache, with the prices of each reflecting the respective amounts of each. The first section includes programs with 2GB of RAM. There are four such plans that range in price from $70 to $115. All of the other plans feature 4GB of RAM and between 4MB and 12MB of Cache. The prices for these range from $95 to $450. Select servers offer a 50% discount with a prepayment of a years’ worth of service. Other discount incentives are given for prepayment of other lengths, including 3 and 6 months. If you need some assistance managing your site, Codero offers several levels of management, including an hourly plan with a price tag of $99 per hour.


With no contract, customizable options, green elements and flexible, competitive pricing, Codero is a prime choice for web hosting and dedicated server management. With the unique services Codero offers, you will have the opportunity to focus completely on your business rather than concerning yourself with the workings of your website.

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