4 Reliable Dedicated Server Providers You Can Trust

There’s a whole lot of choices right now in the hosting industry – thousands of companies around the world sell their dedicated servers, VPS, cloud and shared packages at prices lower than ever. The best solution for any kind of site (even a new blog) is a dedicated server – it offers the most for the price, and the price is very low nowadays. But you also need to consider the reliability of the hosting provider – you don’t want to get stuck in a contract with a company that has frequent outages and doesn’t provide any customer support whatsoever.

Making a choice between all the hosting companies is quite hard, so here’s a short list that you can start with – you can easily choose any of these dedicated hosting providers and know that you’ll get the best machine and service for your money:

Superb: Superb is practically the gold standard in dedicated server providers nowadays – it’s got everything from a huge line of various server configurations to excellent support and a lot of extra options. You can choose one of the pre-built machines or you can build one to your liking from scratch – it’s your choice, and you can always add or remove hardware later on. Their support answers all questions within 1 hour by email, or practically instantly via phone, and if there’s ever a hardware problem, you know they’ll be on it within 15 minutes and it’ll most likely be solved within an hour.

InMotion Hosting: InMotion is one of the fastest growing hosting companies online, and aside from their nice shared and VPS hosting offers, they have a pretty nice dedicated server line, too. They offer Dell machines for the lowest prices, and their most prominent features are the 2 hour hardware replacement guarantee and excellent 24×7 support from real technicians – that is definitely worth a lot.

LiquidWeb: LiquidWeb is quite well known in many circles as the go to hosting company when you need a good dedicated server. They have a wide selection of servers for any purpose, at some of the lowest prices around. Best of all, these are managed dedicated servers, so their technicians (which are also known to be great at what they do) monitor everything, including the software – if anything breaks, they can fix it in 1-2 hours or sooner if you give them a call. LiquidWeb’s excellent machines + great support combo is pretty much unmatched for the price.

SingleHop: SingleHop is also a pretty well-known dedicated server provider that has gained a lot of popularity with webmasters and developers who need an affordable solution that can be quickly deployed (your server is ready within 1 hour or at most 24 hours) and has all the features one might need. The service is also very good, with technicians available at any hour to assist you with any problem or setup questions.

While there are dozens of other reliable dedicated server providers out there and you might be stumped by making a choice, going with any of the above company is sure to leave you satisfied and with a great dedicated server that will last for as long as you need it to.

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