How To Find The Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting companies offer a variety of hosting packages designed to meet the requirements of any prospective client (as in, you). The ability to build your own service plan, adding any additional features you may desire is supremely beneficial to achieving your preferred results whether it be online sales, traffic, or otherwise. A top-ranking dedicated server will provide you with reliability and security which will therefore allow you to operate your website or online business with confidence.

Searching For a Dedicated Server

Know what you need. Before beginning the actual search for a dedicated host, you will need to determine your basic needs.  The amount of data transfer you require, the speed of desired transfer and the amount of storage space you may use will directly affect the type of package you will need to purchase. Additional necessities and extra features will be discovered during your search such as email accounts, shopping cart integration, and so on.

Make a list of potential hosting servers. Web hosting forums are a great place to find information on dedicated servers. Asking for advice on hosts that you should consider is a terrific way to build a small directory of servers. Also many forums present the opportunity to submit requests for web hosting quotes. By providing your requirements you can receive a list of hosting servers with package tailored to your needs.

Take the time to compare. By visiting three to five potential hosting companies that fit your needs you can gather information necessary to evaluate your options and start narrowing them down. Read their “about us” section; this will inform you of their length of time in business which can be an indication of stability. Submit a list of questions to their technical staff; this will provide you with a general impression of customer support response time and overall friendliness. Finally, examine any guarantees offered; consider their money-back guarantee, server uptime, and other promises such as 10% off for signing a year contract.

Key Points and Features

Packages and prices will diverge. You will find various packages ranging from basic to enterprise. The larger your website and traffic flow, the greater the service package will need to be. Prices will largely depend on the size of your plan and any additional features you may require. Be sure to assess the amount of data transfer and storage space provided with a selected plan. If it’s too little for the pages on your site or traffic coming to it, that may be a problem. An additional charge may apply if the limits are exceeded, so be sure to be aware of each host’s policy.

What is most important? Perhaps the most essential component a host can offer is 99-100% uptime. Dedicated servers should have a minimum of two redundant internet connections and more than one internet provider. Contact the company’s customer support if so inclined to make sure this is the case unless it’s stated on the site itself. The internet provider any dedicated hosting server uses will directly affect the reliability of your website’s connection. A server with three or more providers and an intricate redundancy system is recommended for larger businesses and enterprises.

Purchasing Your Service

When finally down to 2-3 hosts and narrowing those down to your final decision, remember two features: 24/7 technical support and a minimum of 99% uptime. These should be considered mandatory incase anything ever goes wrong in the middle of the night (support), and of course if visitors/potential buyers can’t access your site (uptime)… well, that’s simply not good! The deciding factor may be overall pricing or a specific feature offered by one particular server. Providing that proper steps were taken to ensure a solid evaluation of dedicated servers and the offerings they provide, you should find yourself with some top-notch, high-quality hosting!

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