Best Dedicated Server Features

Having a dedicated server for your business, as opposed to participating in shared web hosting services, establishes for your site improved speed, functionality, control and security. These machines are the prime option for businesses already experiencing, or anticipating, a large amount of traffic, or that need a enormous amount of memory and space to handle complicated sites, extensive e-commerce capabilities or the option for expansion depending on the fluctuating needs of the business. If you are planning a website for your business and want to prepare for the most control, and highest degree of operation possible, a dedicated server is the first step in achieving these aspirations.


Though they will vary depending on the particular company from which you receive your dedicated server, there are some basic features on which you can depend. Reviewing these features can help you to decide if a dedicated server truly is right for you and your particular business situation.

  • The ability to support various operating systems ensures that you can build a site that meets your particular needs with the software with which you are most comfortable, and best able to use. Dedicated servers allow you to create the most personalized site possible.
  • Large amounts of RAM allow your server to keep extensive temporary memory. This means that repetitive behaviors can be done very quickly and smoothly.
  • For all operations, a tremendous amount of bandwidth ensures that your sites will function with the highest speed possible. This is important both for effectiveness and customer satisfaction. If a website does not run quickly or smoothly, users may become frustrated and abandon what they were trying to do. This may also indicate a lack of professionalism, which can dissuade customer support and sales.
  • This large amount of memory and bandwidth also prevents devastating crashes and downtime that are often results of extensive websites using shared hosting. If your site experiences periods of downtime it can result in lost sales, lost customers and damaged reputation. These are harmful to the existence and survival of small businesses.
  • A control panel already configured in your server allows you to modify your sites whenever you please, as well as manage them from one place. This keeps you organized and helps to streamline your business operations, thereby improving the appearance, impact and function of your sites.
  • Subdomains and parked domains represent a world of opportunity for growth and expansion. Subdomains are smaller, affiliated sites that enable you to dedicate each to a specific aspect of your business. Parked domains are domains that you own but are not yet developed. These allow you to own domains that may be useful to the future of your business even when you are not yet prepared to develop them so that others do not purchase them.

A dedicated server offers you unparalleled control and usability in the world of website operation and management. Using one of these machines means that your website will maintain a strong internet presence and have the highest degree of user-friendliness and integrity possible. For business, this means better access to a strong customer base and potential for income and growth.

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